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About GRE Math Boost

While our GRE Exam Prep course gives students practice, tips and strategies for success, some students need more focused instruction in math. GRE Math Boost gives more in-depth training on those skills frequently encountered on the GRE. This course will further prepare students for the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE.

GRE Math Boost FAQs

If I register for GRE Exam Prep, must I also register for GRE Math Boost?
No, it is a separate, optional course meant to focus on areas of need for individual students.

Is GRE Math Boost a standalone course?
Yes, a student may choose to take only this course. However, it is not an exam prep.

Is GRE Math Boost a test prep?
No, it is designed to give additional help with math skills for students who need it. For a complete test prep experience, sign up for GRE Exam Prep.

About GRE Math Boost

For information about GRE Math Boost- click here.