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About SAT/ACT Step-Up

While our SAT & ACT Exam Prep courses give students practice, tips and strategies for success, some students need more focused instruction in a specific area.

Step-Up allows students to choose math or English for additional preparation and is intended to enhance our full SAT or ACT exam prep course.


If I register for SAT or ACT Exam Prep, must I also register for Step-Up?
No, it is a separate, optional course meant to focus on areas of need for individual students.

What content areas does Step-Up address?
Students choose either Step-Up Math or Step-Up English.

May a student sign up for both Step-Up Math and Step-Up English?
Yes, a student may sign up for one or both of the courses.

About SAT/ACT Step-Up

For information about the SAT/ACT Step-Up Course - click here.