Is the SAT important?
The SAT is a vital test to students who are planning to further their education and attend college.  Most colleges determine student acceptance based upon SAT scores.  SAT scores are at least as important as students’ high school grades if not more important.

What is the SAT point scale?
The SAT is comprised of three sections (Critical Reading, Writing and Math); each earns a maximum of 800 points for a combined total of 2400 points.

What is the average SAT score?
The average score on the SAT is 1500.

What is a good SAT score?
A good SAT score is above 2150.

What is the highest score possible on the SAT?
A highest possible score on the SAT is 2400. 

Can you receive a zero on the SAT?
No, it is not possible to receive a zero on the SAT. The lowest score possible on each section is a 200

How can you ensure you receive the average score on the SAT?
You need to get approximately half of the questions correct in order to receive an average score of 1500 on the SAT.

How many times can the SAT be retaken?
The SAT can be taken an unlimited number of times.

Do I have to get everything correct to get a perfect score?
Depending on the section, you do not need to get every question correct to get a perfect score. On many math tests, you generally need to answer all questions correct in order to receive a perfect score, though there are some math sections in which you can miss a limited number of questions and still receive a perfect score. 

When should I take the SAT?
You should take the SAT when you feel prepared and have taken enough practice tests to feel ready. Students typically take the test during the second part of their junior year in high school or during the first part of their senior year.

What is the length of the SAT?
The length of the SAT is 3 hours and 45 minutes, but can take up to 4 hours with breaks included.

What is the cost of the SAT?
The cost of the SAT is $47.00

Is food or drink allowed during the SAT?
Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing room. However, students will receive several breaks and are encouraged to bring a snack and drink for that time.

When should I start preparing for the SAT?
If you are contemplating taking the SAT you should start preparing now.

Where do I find my SAT score?
Your official score will be provided to you and your high school within 5 weeks after the test is administered.  SAT scores can also be found by logging into your account at

Where can I find the average SAT scores of colleges?
Many colleges post this information on the College Board website.

Are colleges able to see all SAT scores?
Colleges are able to see every SAT score achieved by students. Depending on the college and the students intended major some pay special attention to the scores in a specific section.

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